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Detailed Timetable


Detailed Timetable


Detailed Timetable


Detailed Timetable

Introduction/ History

Para-Ski originated from mountain rescue operations before the time of strong helicopters with sufficient payload. Back in 1950s parachutists jumped on top of the Alps and then skied down to the accident venue (e.g. avalanche rescue).

Military airborne units also train high altitude mountain parachute landing followed by ski-mobile insertion techniques for special purposes/ mountain warfare. A historical example Operation Grouse is shown by Kirk Douglas in the Hollywood movie Heros of Telemark (1965).

The civilian Federation FAI has organized World Cups for more than 40 years, the 1st Para-Ski World Championship was held in Sarajevo 1987, 2017 the 16th FAI World Championship was organized in Austria

Para-Ski Competition

From the history background above, the competition setup developed with 6 rounds Accuracy Landing from 1000m/ AGL on a target which is placed on 30 slope and 2 runs Giant Slalom (FIS rules) See also FAI event description:

The individual results in these two events are calculated to the overall score, each second behind the winner in skiing is converted to 3 centimeter and the lowest total score wins.

A team of four is jumping together and the team score is the sum of all 4 team members.


For all procedures, protests, general rules the CISM Regulations will be applied.

For Overall Classification, Skiing and Accuracy landing the FAI Para-Ski Competition rules in the most recent version (approved at IPC Plenary in January 2018) will be used with following exceptions:

FAI Para-Ski CR 4.2. Team jump order for the first round accuracy landing (AL) if skiing event (GS) is not yet completed is established by draw.
5.2.2. GS start order for the first GS run:
Each team (including mixed team) has to nominate the 4 team members into group 1-4 (preferable best skiers first group,) Female competitors in mixed teams need to be put in lower groups as all females will start their race before the men.
The startnumbers within each group will be distributed on Wednesday evening according to current team accuracy startorder (reverse results if AL was done, team draw if no AL rounds yet completed.
7.2.1. There is no Master Class classification.


Tentative Schedule for Para-Ski Teams

In addition to the general schedule and officicial CISM events, the following schedule is planned for the Para-Ski competition. All timings other than end of competition on 7th April 12:00 can be changed due to weather and operational needs.

Tuesday 3rd April: evening 19:00 TBC (after all teams have arrived) mess hall at Accommodation WALLNER Kaserne: 1st Teamleader Meeting with topics: formation of mixed teams, draw and establishing ofjumporder.
Afternoon/ evening, (time to be decided by CJ): judges meeting at judges accommodation.

Wednesday 4th April: 09:00 Accuracy Landing Competition jumps followed by opening ceremony.
No return to accommodation before end of opening ceremony, military field uniform to be brought along in the morning.
Lunch at the dropzone
Teamleader Meeting at Accommodation WALLNER Kaserne after return from opening ceremony, time to be announced.

Thursday 5th April: 09:00 GS race according to ski race director, lunch at ski area Fieberbrunn. After the ski race shuttle to dropzone and remaining (final) rounds of AL. No return to accommodation, AL equipment to be brought along in the morning if not left in storage room at dropzone.

Friday 6th April: reserve day for AL remaining jumps (if any) or cultural day

Saturday 7th April: emergency AL competition, only if minimum rounds for a valid event are not yet finished. Last helicopter take-off 12:00.


Contacts (for Para-Ski specific issues)

Meet Director: Col Gernot Rittenschober +43 664 622 6095

Chief Judge: StFw Oliver Vent
Assistant Chief Judge: Col Michael Egger +43 664 622 1232

Giant Slalom

Detailed Timetable