Arrival by airplane:

  • Arrival at MUNICH International Airport (Franz Josef Strauß) (IATA Code MUC)
  • After arrival at the airport (after passing the baggage claim and Clearing customs there) will be a reception team of the Austrian armed Forces at the Check-out of the terminal. If you do not recognize or find this reception team call the following phone number: +436646225058.
  • During the short stay at the airport please already check all the details concerning your return flight.
  • Transit to HOCHFILZEN by bus (duration 1,5 hours)

Arrival by car:

  • Drive to the training area “Truppenübungsplatz” HOCHFILZEN
  • Report to the head of delegation at building number:13(thirteen)
  • POC phone: +43664 622 6330

Check In and In-processing at the „Waldlager“ in HOCHFILZEN:

  • Accreditation (without photo) only by the head of delegation.
    • You’ll receive your room number and your electronic room-key
    • You’ll get the necessary information and password to access the WLAN
    • You’ll receive a Welcome briefing
  • Report of participants for the different competitions (disciplines)
  • Report of participation on the following activities:
    • 1. Cultural program (fortress e./o. guided tour historic district of SALZBURG)
    • 2. Presentation (award) ceremony, Closing ceremony
  • Notice for departure:
    • 1. day and time
    • 2. transfer to the airport (required?)
    • 3. lunchbox (needed?)
    • 4. check-out on April 8, 2018:

      return of accommodation, latest time to check-out is 1000h

NR NATION NAT POC Austria ARRIVAL Place DEPARTURE Place Remark Transport/Personnel to Hochfilzen
3 Bulgaria BUL +436646225058 03.04.2018
08.04.2018 Munich 19 PAX 1 Bus
6 Estonia EST +436646225058 03.04.2018
08.04.2018 Munich
10 PAX 2 VW T6
7 Finland FIN +436646225058 03.04.2018
08.04.2018 Munich
11 PAX 2 VW T6
8 France FRA +436646225058 03.04.2018
08.04.2018 Munich
1 PAX 1 Mondeo
10 Islamic Republic of Iran IRI +436646225058 03.04.2018
09.04.2018 Salzburg 9 PAX 2 VW T6 or 1 Bus
12 Lebanon LEB +436646225058 03.04.2018 Salzburg
09.04.2018 Salzburg 11 PAX 2 VW T6
13 Lithuania LTU +436646225058 03.04.2018 Munich 08.04.2018 Munich 6 PAX 2 VW T6
15 Pakistan PAK +436646225058 03.04.2018 Salzburg
09.04.2018 Salzburg 6 PAX 1 VWT6 or 1 Bus
18 Russian Federation RUS +436646225058 03.04.2018 Munich
08.04.2018 Munich
26PAX/ 10 PAX 1xBus 2VWT6
23 Sweden SWE +436646225058 02.04.2018 Munich
08.04.2018 Munich
25 PAX 1 Bus
25 Belgien BEL +436646225058 03.04.2018 Munich 08.04.2018 Munich 1 PAX 1 Mondeo
26 Belgien BEL +436646225058 02.04.2018 Munich 08.04.2018 Munich 1 PAX 1 Mondeo


Accomodation (lodging) biathlon, cross country, patrol race

Most of the competitors (athletes) and officials will be accommodated at the training area TÜPL HOCHFILZEN (350 persons), some in the hotel EDELWEISS situated close to the church in the village HOCHFILZEN.

Accomodation (lodging) Paraski.

Athletes and officials of the Paraski discipline will be housed in the WALLNER-barracks in SAALFELDEN Organisation personnel Paraski in the hotel WARMINGERHOF close to the skiing slope HOCHFILZEN.

Accomodation (lodging) CoM, VIP national und international (OCR, PCSC, ..), Observers

These people will be placed in the following hotels:

FAIRHOTEL, located close to the KULTURHAUS in the village of HOCHFILZEN

Hotel EDELWEISS, situated close to the church in the village of HOCHFILZEN

Hotel WARMINGERHOF, nearby the skiing slope HOCHFILZEN

Accomodation (lodging) Organisation:

The personnel of the organisation will be spread over all the above mentioned locations. All personnel of the Military Police unit (MilStr&MP) however, will be housed in the WINTERSTELLER-barracks in ST. JOHANN in TYROL.


Provision (meals) 54th CISM World Military Skiing Championships

020418 080418



For travellers who arrive on Monday the 2nd of April dinner will be provided at the mess hall of TÜPl HOCHFILZEN.



In the barracks HOCHFILZEN, SAALFELDEN und ST. JOHANN i.T. breakfast will be ready in the mess halls between 0600 and 0800h from 03 04-08 04 18.

For hotel residents breakfast will be provided at the hotel.


Will be served for all delegations in the mess hall of TÜPl HOCHFILZEN from 0304-080418 between 1100 and 1400 h.

Exemption: During competitions Giant Slalom (FIEBERBRUNN) und Paraski (WARMING) lunch will be provided on-site.



Will be provided in the mess halls of the barracks HOCHFILZEN, SAALFELDEN und ST. JOHANN i.T. from 0304-080418 between 1600 and 1900h.

Exemption: 040418 opening Ceremony (dinner in the mess hall of TÜPl HOCHFILZEN)

070418 closing ceremony (closing dinner in the Kulturhaus)


Refreshment stations:

At the trainings- and competition locations you´ll find refreshment stations (water, tee and fruit)

Medical Care

General regulations

Initial emergency medical care in military medical facilities will be provided free of charge. Costs (payments) for Initial emergency medical treatment in private (civilian) medical facilities have to be covered by the nation whose national needed (required) the medical support. Any further complementary emergency diagnostic services or treatments in military or civilian Medical facilities have to be paid by the nation whose national needed (required) the medical treatment. Presented invoices (claims) will be transferred to the relevant embassy or diplomatic mission of the sending country by the Attaché and Protocol Division of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Defense.

Military medical treatment facilities

Medical Centre HOCHFILZEN
Opening (surgery) hours 24/7

Medical Centre SAALFELDEN
WALLNERKaserne Obj 35
Opening (surgery) hours (0700 – 1600)

Emergency number (ICE): 112

Civilian (private) hospitals and clinics nearby