Welcome to the
CISM-Regional Austrian Championship Orienteering
and WMOC 2014 Training

The Theresan Military Academy is the organiser of this CISM-Event from 19th June to 24th June 2013 in SEEBENSTEIN/AUSTRIA. The training and the competitions take place in SEEBENSTEIN-EDLITZ, 50km south of VIENNA, with athletes from 10 different countries.

World Orienteering Championships 2014

The Austrian Armed Forces will organise the Military World Orienteering Championship 2014. This CISM-Military World Championship takes place from 24th August to 30th August 2014 in the beautiful region of GÜSSING. More than 300 athletes from 30 nations are be expected.

Austrian Military Orienteering Team 2013

For the Austrian Military Orienteering Team the CISM-Orienteering Regional Championship 2013 is the most important national orienteering preparation for the Military World Orienteering Championship 2014.

WOI Markus KÖSSLER, the trainer of the military orienteering team, is looking forward optimistically to achieving good results on that orienteering competition in June 2013.